about me


One of my favourite things about photographing a family is getting to know them.  We get to hang out, play, laugh…I really feel like one of the gang by the end of the shoot. So, here’s a little bit about me and my family, so you can get to know me a bit better…

…my three children all have names that start with R.  It wasn’t planned with the first two kids, but we figured the third would wonder why he didn’t get an R name, so, here we are.  Bonus, it did make the last round of name picking a bit easier since we only had one letter to choose from, lol.

…on weekends, my husband makes me lattes in the morning, and it’s kind of my favourite thing. Even if it’s delivered to my bed with only a minute to go before we’re both up for hockey drop offs, a session or another activity drop. I’ll take it…

…I am a bit obsessed with photographing my family.  Ironically, there are next to no photos of me WITH my family…

…I love tea.  I make about 4 pots of it a day.  Do I drink it all?  Not really.  And when I do get to enjoy a full cup, is it piping hot? (Ok moms, pretty sure you can answer this one)…never.  The consistency of fresh hot cups of tea has plummeted drastically with the birth of each child.  This makes me laugh though.

…I run a lot, but mostly because it’s how I get to hang out with my girlfriends! Not because of a love of the sport, lol.

…I am officially a Mom of all double digit kids. Holy. Smokes.

…I talk to my mom probably three times a day.  She is amazing.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, check out more about my photography…

Kia Porter Photography is all about capturing life – the chaos, the fun and the everything in between. I have a 5yr old, 3yr old and 15month old…I know first hand that family life brings it all!

My style of photography is candid and casual. I capture the moments that already exist in your family – the craziness, the love, the laughter – real life.

My shoots are always fun and relaxed – I want it to be a great experience for everyone. There’s no rush and no stress…and always time for snacks, play time, clothing changes, tantrums,  whatever. It’s a fun shoot, and I always make sure it stays that way. We all know that when you have kids, things don’t ever go as planned – and to be honest, that’s real life, and that’s what I’m there to capture.

After more than 10 years as a professional photographer, and 30 years of having a camera in my hand, I have come to an amazing place in my photographic journey, where I am sort of co-specializing in different genres of photography now!!  Portraiture (Family, Newborn, Headshots, and so much more) and Boudoir Photography!!!

I live and work on the North Shore and love it. Location shoots are my fave for Family Sessions and some branding/corporate shoots. I mean, the options of locations here on the North Shore is endless!  And for Portraits and Boudoir, I have a beautiful studio in the Lynnmour area!

I truly love what I do…. I could write it about it for pages and pages!! And with over 30 years of photography experience, knowledge, constant learning, and the pure joy of my passion… I know that I am the right photographer for you!!!

So let’s chat!!!