Thank you to all you awesome Dads!!

June 12, 2018

K, so I’ve written three different blurbs for this post. I always have so much to say, but am never really sure how to write it. Maybe that’s why I capture it instead. How else can I describe the smile on a daughter’s face when her dad holds her tight? That look a new dad gives his 4 day old baby when he sees just how small it is in his arms? Or the sparkle in a dad’s eye that screams ‘I am the luckiest man on earth’ as he wraps his arms around his family…

To capture kindness, joy, trust, love, friendship…in a single frame, from one single action…yup, this is why photography had me hooked the instant I picked up my first camera.

So thank you, to all you awesome Dads, for being your true selves in front of my lens and for being the most incredible role models to your fave little people.

Happy Father’s Day!!!