welcome little one {maternity and newborn photographer}

April 6, 2017

The Welcome Baby Package….oh my goodness, these sessions mean SO much to me. There is nothing more special than capturing a family as they anticipate the arrival of their baby…then, to be there to photograph that incredible little person they have all been waiting so long to meet. To capture that love, those snuggles, the teeny tiny feet, the arm that just won’t stay in the swaddle, lol…the list goes on and on. I absolutely love getting to know the family before baby arrives and having that connection already established when I come back to photograph baby.

Something so special about the ‘Welcome Baby’ family in the pics below, is that not only was there the anticipation of a new arrival, but there was a little girl, bursting with excitement, to become a big sister. Yes, she would no longer be the only one getting Mom + Dad’s attention, but that didn’t matter to her. She only saw pure joy in her future. So, how extra special to have one last photo shoot as a family of 3. The end of an incredible chapter, and the beginning of an even better one…

The other incredible part of this session, and a huge reason why I always suggest the Welcome Baby Package, is that by the end of our maternity shoot, 3 yr old little V and I were total besties!  She was super excited for me to come and play again when baby was born and was already telling me which books she wanted to show me, the toys she had for her sister and how she was going to be such a big help to Mom & Dad. She was so comfortable with me and had total trust in me. This then lead to an amazing newborn session – V was super involved, excited to help and had so much fun. I truly think a large part of that was because we’d already had a session together…a super fun adventure at Ambleside Beach, where she was able to get to know me and see that I was all about fun 🙂

So yes, I am a huge fan of the Welcome Baby Package for any expecting family, for the reasons above and so many more, lol.

I am thrilled to share a little snippet from this family’s Welcome Baby sessions….images bursting with love, anticipation, giggles, joy and uber cute brand newness (yes I just made that a word ;)….